How It Works

“Aren’t consultants too expensive?" 

"My salary isn’t as high as Schwaniger Enterprise's hourly it worth it?”

Scenario:  A manufacturing company has equipment that continually fails, which causes too many part defects and costly down time.  Production volume is getting high and the company engineers don’t have time to work the problem.

To solve the problem you have the following options:

Hire a New Employee
Call Schwaniger Enterprises
Look for Employee (time and money)
Call Schwaniger Enterprises
Train Employee (time and money)
Approve Proposal and Agreement for Work
Pay Employee: Salary, FICA, Health Benefits, Worker’s Comp, Medicare, Life Insurance, Vacation, Dependent Care, Office Expenses for Employee such as Computer, Telephone, Software
Work Gets Done
Work Gets Done
Pay Hourly Fee to Schwaniger Enterprises
Workload Diminishes – Lay Off Employee?
Problem Solved
Employee Remains On Staff but is Underutilized?
No Long Term Contract or Benefits Costs
Are we saving money here?
Resume Normal Operations and Stay Lean