Projects for Brendan Cahill at PTG Silicones

Posted by Administrator on Feb 19 2010
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September 2009
Helped with redesign of a basting brush tool called “The Sauce Tool.”  It has a plastic base and silicone bristles.

September 2009
Designed a silicone rubber shroud for an insulin pump.  We never produced a mold to make the part, but Brendan at PTG pitched the idea to a customer.

October 2009
Gasket with bushings for lawn mower gearbox.  Designed gasket.  Gasket was never produced because engineer died!

October 2009
Worked a little bit with Brendan on his idea for a silicone rubber wine cork.  Never did much with that.

November 2009
Reverse engineered a “nozzle bushing” for Brendan for one of his machines.  Produced a drawing for it.

November 2009
Made a silicone shroud model for a lancet device.  Nice models and photos.

December 2009

Worked on redesigning a silicone nozzle parts for a commercial coffee dispenser.

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