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Schwaniger Enterprises is named in honor of Mr. Arthur John Schwaniger Jr. of Louisville, Kentucky.   Mr. Schwaniger, who is referred to by friends and family as “A.J.” or “Art”, was born in Louisville, KY and attended Ahrens Trade School.  He later attained a physics degree from the University of Louisville and was later drafted into the U.S. Army. 

Mr. Schwaniger’s superiors quickly noticed his training and skills in the fields of  mathematics and physics.  A.J. began work with the ballistic missile program at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.  His agency later became known as the Marshall Space Flight center under direction of NASA.  A.J.’s career spanned the multiple missions to the moon and several shuttle launches.  Mr. Schwaniger wrote several technical reports during his career that help immortalize him.  See more at

Mr. Schwaniger is, and always has been, a generous man.  He rented rooms in his home throughout his career to students at subsidized rates.  He helped students with a gamut of topics from calculus to faith in God.  He intended to help numerous students attain a college education.  Mr. Schwaniger was himself grateful to have received a degree made possible by the scholarships and generosity of others and he passed along the favor.  Thank you, Mr. Schwaniger.

Mr. Schwaniger never had any children to carry along his Schwaniger name.  This business is therefore named after him with the aim of carrying on his name, his dedication to excellence, and his service to his country.  Mr. Schwaniger is retired with 35+ years of stellar public service and lives in the Highlands area of Louisville.  More can be learned of Mr. Schwaniger at

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